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Book description

I have very mixed feelings about this book. It looks like this might have started life as fan fiction for Twilight, with the first few chapters having many similar parallels. New girl at new high school. coming of age, meets bad boy who wants nothing to do with her, weird atmosphere about. HOwever the author pulled it out of the bag to be different and I dont dislike the Twilight inspired books, as long as the writing is of pod quality. I did indeed find the writing to be of good quality and Ill focus on the positive before mentioning what I had issues with.Flint herself was a likeable, believable character who I did invest in. She took everything on board and made up her mind. I have great hopes for her in the future, both her own character and where her possible otherness might be going. The world building, once I got over the high school issues was fascinating and very original. I found myself constantly wanting to know more about it, although we seem to be learning at the same pace as Flint so it might be while. The carnival itself was something that almost came alive, in fact I would have loved more of the book to have played out there. The whole atmosphere was electrifying and I really wanted to immerse myself there. The characters themselves were fairly original and I wanted to learn more about them and their powers and how that all fit in with carnival life.Now to my issues with the book, firstly the cover - I felt it was very misleading towards the story, but then I have to say this is often the case these days with fantasy and this book is not alone in that. I wasnt keen on the names of Cain and Abel, I think its been rather over done and was probably the least original aspect of the book. I had a question with the believability of carnival life linking to school, do they ever sleep, theses school kids? If Abel and Cain had recently moved why were they not also fairly new at school? Surely the carnival moves, as said in explanation to Flint, they move where they are needed with the carnival as cover. Also school seemed to be forever monday morning, there was an awful lot of Mr Wickham in chemistry and never anything else. My other big issue was the order - the humans - and yet the humans arent allowed to know, in fact they have to be killed if they know about monsters??? Just didnt add up to me. I also had constant questions, I know this is the first book in a series and world building is always an issue but I constantly felt like I needed more, in fact the opposite of the usual info dumping that can happen in first books. Finally my last issue, and the biggest! That was no cliff hanger ending, the book just ended in what seemed like 80% of the way in! A cliff hanger is one thing, but just to stop the story part way through so abruptly felt wrong and in fact if it werent for this fact I would have rated this book much higher. It felt unsatisfying and incomplete. There was no resolution to any of the big story lines at all.I will however for its many good points pick up the next book when it comes out, as Flint is a likeable and interesting character. I will be very interested to see how things pan out for her. I hope we get more than part of a book next time!

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Book description

This tale of Southern intrigue is included in the Best Southern Books category on Goodreads. The historic plot is charming, suspenseful and fun as it reveals life in a small southern town at the beginning of the last century. The bucolic setting is pierced through with mystery, romance, corruption and violence as the protagonist manages to find justice and redemption by traveling across decades.The “sins” of the past from a small southern town plague the dreams of Sawyer McKinley. The fire, the numbing pain and a female voice echo through his mind. Desperate to silence these nightmares, he calls upon the help of Dr. Edmond, a quirky therapist who specializes in past life regression. Through the process, Sawyer realizes he must go back in order to move forward. Pushing the envelope of his inner psyche, he attempts to free himself from the terror by reliving the events from that exact space and time. He finds himself in the year 1927 in a little town called Abbeville where Sawyer discovers an even darker nightmare...he is not who he seems. He is part of the secret.

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